Monday, February 1, 2010

New Stuff

I bought NEW SHOES!!!
They are black felted wool Keens.
They are GREAT in the cold Minnesota winters
and they last!
I had a pair before and they lasted two years!
Just sharing the excitement, people!


I stopped in the University store today
(to get some chocolate - shhhhhh!)
and saw all these, and thought,
"I could make those!"

These are bracelets made with
tie-dyed elastic & tied in a rather un-fancy knot.
For $4.00 each!!! It's just elastic!
Who wants to tie-dye with me?And these headbands.
I think I will get some of these fancier ones
and add some beads or bling.

Pretty cute!And these are just big clothes pins,
about an inch wide, stained,
then painted with these cutsie designs.

And then maybe a little bling too.
I could totally do this
(and have, just not quite so fancy)
but I may have to invest in some paint markers...


In other news:

I'm trying to decide if I should take a break from facebook, which probably means I should. And I am wondering what I would do instead of the time I spend on facebook? Another warning sign.

And I joined the gym today! Tomorrow is day 1 of the new me. Or something like that anyway.

And there is a 5k race on April 24th, which I am not allowed to sign up for unless I actually train for it, but I want to, train for it that is... it's about 11 weeks away and the 'Couch Potato to 5K' running plan is 9 weeks...

And Micah is getting baptized next weekend and I'm kind of (really) nervous about what my family is going to think about our SO-NOT-LUTHERAN church. But I'm excited for Micah.

And the family room has been painted, a nice warm taupe, thanks to husband Micheal, who hates painting so it's really amazing! Next on the agenda for that room is some slipcovers for some of the 4 couches...

OK, enough rambling! =o)


  1. can totally do that 5K! just one step at a time...literally. Set small goals for each time you go to the gym, like running for a minute longer or lifting a few more weights. You'll be there before you know it. Celebrate the small goals and really get excited when you do the 5K in April.

    And congrats to Micah! I hope it's a day of celebration for your whole family.

  2. Your great! You can do this, looking forward to the slip covers for the couches!!!

  3. Yay for new Keens! I love Keens and they do last for so long. You need to post pics of your new paint job...and slipcovers.

    Congrats on the gym and you should totally go for the 5K! :)

  4. Wow - all the love and support! You are all so nice, and exactly what I need to hear! Thank you!

  5. if you make ANY of the above stuff, I will buy it from you.