Thursday, March 4, 2010


New banner (used picnik - GREAT program). Feels Spring-y-er.

New blogging program thingy, they moved stuff around on me here.

New blog settings - I think you can now comment anonymously (which I should have figured out before, but I didn't).

Thinking about a getting a Kindle, new to me.
Or maybe an itouch, music AND books, but the screen seems too small.

Trying to turn over a new leaf
in parenting
in our marriage
focus on the good stuff, the God stuff
letting go of resentment & unforgiveness
appreciating kindness
These leaves are heavy!

New episodes on TV after the Olympics ended.
While trying not to get caught up in too much TV,
I should be less excited about this.

New (to me) organization that lets YOU give small business loans to people in 3rd world countries. It can be as little as $25 (who can't scrape up $25?) and can change their world. You get it back, and then get to invest it again. Amazing! Check out Kiva here. I'm SO doin' it, with our kids, what a great object lesson - what a great life lesson!

Two new babies born over the last two weeks to friends in our small group - now THAT's how you multiply!

And the sun is out, and the snow is melting!
A new season is almost upon us!

I am trying to see as God sees -
new - new - NEW!!!
possibilities everywhere.
He makes all things new
and I am trying to notice.


  1. Hi Kathy!
    I love the new banner.

    I am using your blog to contact you. I can't find your email address and my Facebook account has been disabled because it has been compromised. I am having a hard time getting it enabled. I didn't know if we were carpooling tonight to the leadership meeting? Either way is fine with me.

    I hope you are having a nice day. Yesterday we went to the McQuade small craft harbor and it was beautiful. I had forgotten about that place and came upon it by accident (actually it was God). It's a nice place to walk around. And there was actually GRASS!!! Brown, but it was GRASS!!! Maddox was in heaven walking on the grass and so was I. I didn't realize how grass deprived I was! It was a great feeling.

  2. Can you hear me now?