Monday, April 19, 2010

Rug Punching

Last week I took a class at a local shop to learn rug punching. Very fun night with some girl friends. I'm definitely buying this tool and making some of my own pattern! This is mine (above) and here are a couple the owner of the shop has made (below). She fills them with fun things to hang on the wall.
So far, Grace just uses the one I made as purse. I'll hang it and fill it eventually. Here are a couple other items in the shop:
These are stuffed and they stand - very cute!
And these are cute little egg pillows, seasonal or year-round.

Fun stuff! If you ever get a chance to rug punch, do it! It's super easy and fun. I can't wait to make my own stuff. Next I'm going to try needle punching, which is the same thing, except you use a smaller needle and embroidery floss and the stuff you make is super cute to frame.

 All of us with our completed projects.

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  1. Love it! Can't wait to see more!!