Monday, February 14, 2011

A Colorful Valentine's Day

Grace & I made these fun Valentines for her Kindergarten Valentine's party today.
We used the cards from the long thread 
and the directions she linked to at make and takes.
And the project was so fun and colorful I took a bunch of pictures.
We used all the broken crayons in our big shoebox and 
I sliced the paper with a razor blade so Grace could peel them easily. 

We broke the crayons into smaller pieces, then put them in a heavy ziploc bag and smashed them into even smaller pieces with a rolling pin.

We poured them back into the bowl and Grace filled the muffin tin.
(Gotta love blogger - I can't get this to turn! Ugh!)

Baked 'em, took them out and swirled them with a toothpick.
The backs are not pretty and it looked like we were going to have dark, muddy hearts, but when they cooled and we popped them out, the fronts were beautiful!
This one has some glitter crayon in it.
I also 'shaved' the edges of the back of the crayons because there was kind of a rim and we wanted them pretty flat to tape on. 
 I printed the valentine on card stock, Grace wrote the 'to' and 'from' on the back and we taped them on with double-stick foam tape.
The cards say, "Have a colorful Valentine's Day!"
The ordinary cards were not good enough for her 'boyfriend' Parker.
(and if he makes fun of this card, so help me....!)
And we put them in sandwich size baggies just in case the tape doesn't hold.
A very colorful Valentine project!!


  1. super cute! Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

  2. Extraordinary... I wish my son was in Grace's class!