Friday, June 17, 2011

5 (Krazy!) Kilometers

I signed up to do a 5K a few months ago. You know, so I'd have time to train. But I didn't, and it's tonight. Yep, I neglect my blog, and I don't train - that's me. I'm still going to do it with a friend who is walking it with her pregnant daughter-in-law. Which is still doing it. I hope this gives me the kick in the a$$ I need because, apparently, just signing up and paying for the race didn't do it. And that negative voice inside me tells me not to bother, that I never finish anything so why go? But I'm going to anyway. It'll just be hard. And emotional, if my current state is any indication. So, next time we talk, I will be a veteran 5ker and maybe I'll run the next one.


  1. You go girl!!! It will feel so good to cross that finish line!!!

  2. Good for you!!! You can do it, Kathy!! :)