Wednesday, October 19, 2011


 Are you making gifts for Christmas this year?

It's only 67 days away.

In 8 days I'm going on a crafting weekend with a bunch of women. I think most of them will be scrapbooking. But not me, I sold all my stuff in favor of digital scrapping. But I do have a bunch of stuff I'd like to make...

But how do YOU narrow it down? Do you make a bunch of the same thing for everyone? Do you make unique things for each person? Do you eschew all things home-made and  buy gifts, or gift cards?

I'm starting to get a little stressed out about it!!! 67 days, people!

My husband wants one of these iPhone thermometer thingies for Christmas. They actually look pretty sweet. But I bet I can't make one of those.

67 days, people!

What are your Christmas projects? (And tell me you are even less prepared than I am. Please?)


  1. Since I just learned how to knit, some friends and family are getting knit dishcloths. We'll see how square and how many extra holes they contain, but at least it's handmade right?
    but geez, only fewer than 67 days? We'll see how many friends and family actually get're not the only one not quite ready.

  2. Lisa, I love those! They are all I use, what a great gift!