Tuesday, September 10, 2013

...in which some things happened and were accomplished...

Some general housekeeping:

Micah had his wisdom teeth out, went OK, a couple days of more pain than
we'd hoped, looking particularly jowl-y here.
He told me yesterday, surprise in his voice,
"There's no pain today!" 13 days post surgery.

* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *

Teacher gifts for Grace's last year teachers are finally done!
I'd started these, my machine's tension got gorked up, 
and I put them away for a while.
Happy these are done.
My first attempt to thread sketch.

* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *

Grace, first day of 3rd grade!!
What went in the locker this years was a big deal:

 This is by the front doors of her school:
I think we should all embrace this!
I know I'm going to try.

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