Monday, January 4, 2010

Grace's Calendar

Grace finds a great sense of peace, or control ;O) , when she can plan ahead and know what is going on the next day, or how many days until whatever the next wonderful thing is. She can't read yet so I needed to come up with a way to help her see what's coming up next.

She received a calendar with her new Highlights subscription and it came with stickers for various holidays. We had some fun putting them all on the correct days and talking about when some of them were coming up, and why we weren't using all the stickers for holidays we don't celebrate. She was so excited to start crossing off days that we had at least 14 conversations about why she had to wait until the new year! So I decided to make her some stickers with some of the things that she does.
I just used regular Avery mailing labels and copied some free clipart onto them, two per label. I made labels for stay-at-home day (little green house), church day (church w/family worshipping), dance day (pink fairy dancer), and school day (little red school house).
Then I used a paper cutter to quickly cut them into squares, just the right size for the squares on the calendar. Stickers are always fun to play with!
Now Grace knows exactly what day it is, as long as she remembers to cross her days off, and it really seems to give her some security to know what is coming next, or how many days until dance class (or whatever). And even better, she's learning to use a calendar and she doesn't need to get frustrated because she can't read yet. The calendar is hanging right on her bedroom door.

She's pretty happy with the result, maybe it will help your little planner, too!


  1. LOVE this idea, Kathy. I can totally see why a kid would love this. brilliant. :) I may copy it for Ruby & James. (but probably won't. will you remind me next year??)

  2. Ummmm, I'll try? =0)
    Glad you like it! Thanks, Steph!

  3. AWESOME idea!! I love the stickers you made and how creatively you made them (I think I spelled that wrong) I may also copy this at our house. Thank you for sharing this.