Friday, January 1, 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

Like New Years. New Year's Day. And looking over the last year.

Welcome 2010.

I've never been a big fan of making resolutions. New year resolutions mostly seem to last a week or two for most people. They last even less for me, it seems. I have spent too many minutes, hours, days and even weeks trying to decide in what areas of my life I should change, and how I got there, and why. And even more time trying to decide exactly how I should change to meet some shadowy goals. I say no more!

I do want to change. I obviously have areas in which I need to improve.

But, the difference this year is this; I'm going to let God dictate the change. I'm going to let Him point out where we are starting from, where He wants to tweak this and heal that, and grow discipline in that area. I want to let Him be in charge of the change in my life this year. I think He is rubbing His hands gleefully, a twinkle in His eye, saying, "just wait to see what I have for you!" I'm excited to find out exactly what that is.

Here are the areas I think He may focus on:
  • Loving who I am, as He loves me.
  • Loving my husband as he is. Seeing him like God sees him.
  • Parenting better, with out anger, exasperation, or apathy.
  • Working harder, as unto the Lord.
  • Allowing God to come and heal me, abolishing fear of change, fear of vulnerability.
And I know there is more. These are just the areas, today, where I feel Him calling me, wooing me.

Happy New Year! May 2010 bring you closer to Him!

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