Monday, June 28, 2010

Out of Practice

I have realized I am out of practice on giving thanks.
How sad is that?!? 
Here's a new start to an old discipline.

155. 24 of the last 28 days it's rained. Today is almost sunny.

156. Our son, on a mission trip to Denver CO.
157. BBQs with refugees
158. Cold glasses of lemonade while waiting for a bus
159. Helping a church move
160. Soccer with homeless kids
161. Praying on the street
162. Practical expressions of the love of Jesus.
163. He comes home TODAY! I might even hug him, if I can take him by surprise...

164. Old friendships that pick right up where they left off,
165. multiplied with kids,
166. laughs old and new
167. parting with hugs.
168. This girl who sings, "What a mighty, mighty Savior You are!" from the heart,
169. With dancing!

170. Seeing God in nature.
171. That God made it for us.


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