Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun Photo Op

Our family did our annual 'MN State Fair/School Clothes Shopping/Como Zoo' trip last week. I wanted to share this fun idea with you. One of the booths at the state fair had this photo opportunity set up. (It was to publicize some book I never saw the name of, but kept the idea!)

So, it's swimming noodles, you can use any kind - the round ones or the star or flower shaped ones, with a slit cut the entire length of the noodle right down to the hollow core. And then there were all kinds of letters in fun fonts and designs, laminated. You could spell whatever you wanted, stand in the framed area (which the picture doesn't show, except for the top edge), and take pictures.

Kid's names, 'Hi Gramma!', random words...

Now, think Christmas photo cards, or pictures to track your kid's growth year to year, fun family portraits, sports team stuff like "Go Hawks!", photo booths at weddings and graduation parties, hop out of your car on family vacations and take a picture with a sign that says 'Old Faithful' with Old Faithful in the background... whatever you wanted to do!

I loved this idea! I think I'll make some of my own laminated letters & numbers which may have to ride around in the car with me.... You should, too.

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