Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Light & Linky, Nothing Too Deep Here

My posts have been really heavy lately. If you've followed at all, you'll see I have a bunch of hard stuff going on, but it's not all heavy. Micah has been a HUGE help around the house and peeking at his report card he is doing really well there, too! Micheal and I keep looking at each other like, "What is he doing? Who is he?" It's great. I must get some more pictures of Micah.


Grace got her ears pierced
and a new blue hair weave. She was very brave. 
And now constantly reminds me that we need to clean her ears. What a big girl.


I think I love this website:  not martha
and I want to make these with the kids in all kinds of fun designs
and I want to try all kinds of other things here, too!
Check it out! What's your favorite?
I know the men in my house would be thrilled if some pies baked in tiny jars were waiting in the freezer for them.


I also want to crochet snowflakes, starch them and use them to decorate. Or randomly mail to people I love. And the kid's teachers. Here's a bunch of patterns. I like this one. And this one...


I've loved stamped silver jewelry for a while and just found this site - cute jewelry at really good prices!

I have a stack of local coffee roaster burlap bags that I have a project in mind for for Christmas. (You can find these for sale for $17 online, but if you ask your local coffee roasters, they'll probably give them to you, with sweet bonus local stamps on them!) There are some great ideas to repurpose these. Here's one.  And this super easy one for some kids on my list.

And I went through my sewing cabinet and am SUPER motivated to use stuff up and give it away. Everyone may be getting home made gifts for Christmas!
What are you making for Christmas this year? And how are you being frugal?

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