Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sole Source

You may know that I work in a busy office on a state university campus. One of my duties is purchasing expensive electronic equipment. I usually don't understand exactly what it is I am ordering, but I have to know the rules the U has set up to make sure purchases are made ethically while spending funds in only the most appropriate way. One of these rules involves the amount of money you can spend from contracted or non-contracted vendors. You are allowed to spend more with a vendor if they are the only ones who can provide the product or service you need, you just have to justify it and fill out a form stating they are the 'sole source.'

A business dictionary defines 'sole source' as: One and only one source that possesses a unique product having singular characteristics or performance capability.

Sole source sole source sole source...  it keeps bouncing around my thoughts, invading my actions.

In Freedom for Life, the weekly class I am taking at church (mentioned here), we are talking about idols. Idols can be anything you have allowed into your life that usurp the rightful place of God. While talking to God this week, I have been surprised and convicted of surprising idols, often good things, that I have wrongfully allowed to control my actions and attempt to meet my needs, resulting in miserable failure.

But through this business term, I am reminded that:
God is my Sole Source. He is the One and only source that possesses a unique product (Jesus = only Son, both God and man) having singular characteristics (forgiveness and grace given by the Father) or(and) performance capability (Holy Spirit, come work in me).

He is the one and only source for my soul that will ever ever ever satisfy the longings of my heart. Anything else, whether good or bad, is an idol.

Uniquely qualified to provide every thing I will ever need, God is my soul source.

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