Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy ♫ busy ♪♪ terribly busy ♫ ♪ ♫

You've no idea what I have to do!  ♪♫♫♪♪♫♪ (Some Veggie Tales song dredged from the dark recesses of my mind)  So I'll tell you! And warn you that it is probably not terribly exciting.

* The whole family is fighting the winter cold crud that's going around. I stayed home sick on Saturday, slept in until 1:15PM (thanks, sweetie!) and wore my pajamas until 5:15PM!! I don't have a picture of that. You're welcome. Yuck.

* Brunch at Pizza Luce' on Sunday, my favorite breakfast, with my favorite people. Yum!
    * We attended our nephew's baptism on Sunday. God is doing some pretty fabulous things in this family. Love you guys! Yippee!

    * And had lunch and some fun at their house after the service. (Me. =0) Micheal doesn't like this photo, I don't know why.) Yowza!

    * Some sewing for a friend. I really love giving gifts when you think it's something (you hope!) the recipient will really like! Yahoo!

    * Annual meeting at church where everyone laughs a ton, review some amazing things God has done, look at where He might be steering us this year, and no one fights over how much moola anyone makes, the new color to paint the entry way, or whether beverages should be allowed in the auditorium.Yoicks! (expression of surprise or excitement)

    * Freedom for Life is ending this week and I am processing the close of this season, and trying to write a brief talk about how it's changed my life - many many ways! I'm sure I'll be rehashing that here soon. Yeasty! (full of restless energy or creativity. Really - I can't make this stuff up!)

    * And today is busy with a Daisy Girl Scouts field trip, a quick supper, right to dance, (which may cause some yarling by Miss Grace (wailing; howling) and I hope to see a high school friend later...

    It's lunchtime, I'm feeling the yapness (hunger), gotta go. Those are all the 'Y' adjectives I can handle for one day! See you tomorrow!

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