Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gifts I made this year, Part III : Trinket Keepers

I saw these Trinket Keepers on the Amazing Mae. My kids have always liked bags and boxes to keep other things in and I thought these looked like just the thing to satisfy that need.
I used printable HP iron-on sheets for the designs and chose things each of the kids would like. I bought the grommets at Michael's using more of those weekly coupons and the materials I used are all from my sewing stash or repurposed clothing, which I love using up!
The kids seemed to like these, too.
I like how they can clip on anywhere, belt loop, backpack...
Micheal pounded all these grommets in for me and really smacked his thumb. I think it's still bigger than the other one. Ouch!

I have a few more of these I need to make and I really like that you can tailor the size to whatever you want and since they will usually be smaller, you can use up any scraps you have. I lined and backed these with old jeans.The carabeeners come in lots of fun colors and were $.92 at Walmart and the grommets were about $.30 each when I used a coupon. The iron-on sheets were the most expensive part at about $9 for 6 sheets, but of course you can print multiple images on them so I packed them on every page I printed.

These would be sweet for sunglasses, clipped on your purse strap. Or your cell phone. I might make one for myself.

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  1. Those are awesome. You have made so many and they are all so different and cute. I love the idea of the iron on transfers that you used. Thanks for sharing. I think I need to make some new ones this year for Valetines.