Monday, March 14, 2011

Dancing House

I did my first Zumba class last weekend with a bunch of awesome ladies from church, and loved it! I don't know how to fit in a class right now, so I settled on the Wii Zumba 'game' on the recommendation of a friend. It's only about $40 so it's less than the average $50-60 game and comes with the belt you wear the controller in. It just came and I'm super excited to try it! Micheal says he'll get his 'exercise' by laying on the couch watching me do Zumba.

We had some friend's kids overnight on Saturday to give the parents a break and they brought Just Dance Kids for Wii and it's super fun, too. Grace loves it!! So I bought it on ebay last night. I think I will have fun doing these dances with her! The dances are choreographed for kids, and led by kids.

And here's Micah's dance moves in a tube the 'extra' kids brought over...

I know what you are thinking, but we are not available for parties... yet!

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  1. Awesome moves, Micah. :) I want that WII zumba...let me know if you like it, okay? fun! :)