Friday, April 29, 2011

Been a while...

So long, in fact, that I need a new header. But it did snow here, in Minnesota, just yesterday so I am not going to worry about it today... I'll just add some flowers to spring it up!

I'm not sure I'm all about blogging right now, I seem to be having swirling thoughts and emotions, hard to get down in words, but things are moving along at our house. Parenting is hard, there's never enough time for Micheal and I to connect like we both want to (this needs to move closer to the top of the priority list!), work is work, good stuff at church with women's conference coming up next weekend and worship team this weekend. Plenty going on, just not sure it needs to be articulated here, in detail. But, I'm working (and have worked) on a few crafty things recently. I'd love to jump back into blogging with that!

Someone sent me a link to free quilting patterns and I found this cute cat pattern buried in the Amy Butler site. She has such fun sewing projects, and I love her material choices so they are really fun to look through! I spent last Friday with Grace who was on spring break and I thought the cat pattern would be great to make together. Grace cut out the pattern, I pinned it to the material she picked, she traced around the pattern, I cut the material out and sewed it, she stuffed it with a little help. Instead of fusing the face on we sewed it. A fun project and I really like how modern/anime it is.

When we picked the material, Grace found a bolt with fairies on it, and HAD TO have it, but I wouldn't make it into a cat pillow because I'm stubborn that way. But I did get her enough to make another quick pillow.

 And I found these when I visited 'built to last' and followed it to 'Day Life In' where she said she can't stop making these cute birds from Myrtle & Eunice... and now I can't stop making them!!! They are so cute! OK, I've only made one, but still, there are many many more to come!!! =0)

I even put everything I need in a couple little bags - ready to travel!

And then my sister-in-law sent me a picture of the birds at Lint and Lavender, and they are so cute, too! With a bigger tail! I am anticipating our house becoming an aviary! Good thing I like to give away stuff I make!

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  1. Love love love the little birdy ! Me thinks I shall copy you & start making them ! Very Springy.