Wednesday, May 4, 2011


1) Read this at Craft Hope.

A radio station is teaming up with Orphan Outreach to send bracelets to kids in Russia. I'm not going to paraphrase it for you, go read it! Really...

So, you can make bracelets, just about any bracelets you want to make - they just have to be handmade, with your kids or by yourself, then mail them to Grand Rapids Michigan by June 15, 2011. They will ship them to Russia to be distributed.

2) Go through your fabric stash and make some bracelets.

Here's a fun free pattern.
I have stacks of jean scraps and other fun bits that I'd like to use for these. Now I'm hunting for some fun buttons.

3) See what you can recycle. Here's another pattern that uses empty plastic bread bags. Cute!!

4) Or crochet, because I like things that cam easily go with you. Check out this (my favorite!!!), or this, or this! This one could be pretty masculine, make it for a boy.

Or make some beaded ones, or braided t-shirt material bracelets, or go old school with a handful of embroidery floss. Make bracelets, make a Russian orphan's day!

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