Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Do you 'pinterest'? I do. OK, I've pinned something, once, but I can't wait to pin more!!!

No idea what I'm talking about? Pinterest is a 'virtual pinboard.' Like a visual reference of all your bookmarks, and then you can browse other people's... repinning, commenting, learning, dreaming... One click and you see it bigger, with any comments and repins. One more click and it takes you to the site it was found on. (...or on which is was found - for the English major in me!) And it will link to your facebook, and let you know which friends are on Pinterest. And you can invite people.

My first pin is a photo of peanut butter cup cookies made in mini muffin tins - YUM-O! It's located on my 'Chocolate' board. I also have a 'Lesser Desserts' board, but so far it's empty....

Ok, now I've added more... this could be a serious rabbit hole. Must... get... something... done....

I think it's going to be wonderful, and it would be better if YOU would join it, too!

Go to Pinterest to request an invitation. Join. Do it now! (said in my Arnold Schwartz voice) Check it out! I can't wait to see you there!

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