Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scoot-o-rama or That's How I Roll

I ride a scooter. I love it. The biggest issue with the scooter is figuring out when I can ride it around hauling kids and stuff around. I also wear a big pink helmet when I ride, not because I'm a Pink Lady wannabe, but because it was the cheapest new helmet with a face shield I could find to buy. Cuz that's how I roll.

So I thought I'd share a couple things about the scooter and I. Goofy things, but again, that's how I roll.

When I wear the helmet (all the time) the wind comes under the face shield and makes my lips dry. And them I do that thing where I kind of roll my top lip under by my top gums so it looks like I don't have a top lip - I don't know why!!! But it's a funny face that I make. And then I kind of stretch my face taught and look kind of strange at the car waiting for the light next to me. Because I'm already making the face, and it makes me laugh, and it makes them laugh... (It kind of looks like when Jim Carrey was the fire investigator on MAD TV...)

I frequently scare myself when I talk with the helmet on while I'm driving the scooter. The first time I was thinking about a conversation I'd just had and repeated something I'd said and the combination of the wind blowing from under the face shield and the acoustics of the helmet itself - I thought someone was talking in my ear, while I was driving 30 miles and hour! I jerked my head to the side, looking to see who it could possibly be, and realized I'd just scared myself! Silly.

I also frequently reach to tuck my bangs out of the wind, or adjust my glasses, and jam my fingers on the shield - I forget it's there!

And when I drive my scooter, which means I'm wearing a helmet, multiple people always tell me how nice my hair looks. You might think a helmet would hurt a hairstyle, but evidently it just improves mine.

I love when the older bikers, or most anyone not on a crotch rocket, give me (in the pink helmet) the cool two finger salute at their side that serves as a biker wave  as we pass each other on the street. It's like I'm in the biker club, the gang - on my scooter! Hee-hee!

This all probably means I'm a pretty big dork when I ride my scooter, but honestly it's so fun I kind of want to squeal in delight! I love being out in the smells of the day, feeling the temperature change the closer I get to Lake Superior. It makes me so happy I think I get a little squirrelly. And that's how I roll!


  1. love this! so cool that you have a scooter! lucky girl. ;)

  2. You totally made me smile! Love it :)