Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jump on the Bandwagon!

(Should it be Band Wagon or Bandwagon? IDK)

Did you read this post where I talked about TARN? Because now I am seeing it all over, and people are evidently paying a lot for it. Or 'they' want people to pay a lot for it. Whichever. Check these out:

This one was at Michael's craft store, 12 loops, 4 of each color, for $7!

And this one is at the store on the university where I work. These Boho Wraps can be used for "bracelets, headbands, necklaces, belts, or ponytale holders," per the packaging. $8! For a quarter of the material above.

So jump on the bandwagon, people! Grab some tshirts, make your own tarn, and save a few bucks! What can you make?

(See Wikipedia for Bandwagon origins here.)


  1. Okay. So let me get this straight. Last post you told us you shouldn't make something "just because everyone else is" and this post you're telling us to make some tarn! I'm so confused, Kathy. What should I do???? :) hehehehe...just kidding. Your last post made me think. I sometimes just enjoy the process of making something new - and especially something fast - it stretches my crafting muscles, in a sense. Either way - Happy Birthday, girl! What are you doing to celebrate?

  2. OK, I guess I'm REALLY telling you not to buy something you can make so easily. I think sometimes think I craft just to not be still, and that becomes a bad habit. BUT, I do want to encourage the part of me that wants to gift things randomly... I do enjoy the process, as well! But my family also likes home cooked meals... Ahhhh! =0)

    I asked Micheal for money. And I lead small group tonight. Exciting huh? It'll be fun with lots of laughs.