Monday, November 14, 2011

Stuff I learned

I went to a conference at our church this weekend, A Cause to Live for, a Cause to Die for. I've realized a few things, possibly not new to anyone but me. I'm writing them down anyway, so I can remember when I need them.

Miracles still happen.

We often don't recognize them.

We often don't ask for them.

We don't give credit to God when it does happen.

We are afraid that our prayers will actually be answered.

We're not always sure we want to be healed. Sometimes we are too happy to sit in our mess.

We're afraid the answered prayer will look like something other than our plan.

And then there's that book. THE Book. I've read it, at least a few times, and many books over and over, taking pride in the amount of writing and highlighting in the. And then I got busy and started using it for reference only. I'm ashamed to say how familiar I've gotten with the Book in a browser with a search window. I've even started reading books that are about things in the Book and glossing over the references. Or the facebook posts that are carefully chosen excepts of the Book. Phooey. I'm so done with that. I'd forgotten that the Book isn't just another Book, it's the Living, Breathing Instruction Manual for living. I'd forgotten that
it's medicine for my wounded being, 
and not just a reference guide to use when I need something wise to say. 

Good stuff to remember.

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