Friday, February 24, 2012

Jump-Start Your Sex Life

Did you see yesterday's post about building intimacy? Check it out here if you didn't! There are some great ideas there.

Today, I'd like to pass on the ideas we collected to jump start your sex life! 

* Put on some lingerie, sexy boxers, or offer to share the pajama  tops/bottoms  and surprise your spouse. Sometimes just a pretty bra & undies on under the covers says "I'm in the mood".

* Show your willingness to try new positions. (There’s an app for that- seriously!) Try something new.

* Say something sexy. Tell your spouse you want them – now. Make it simple, direct, and to the point, using whatever words you are comfortable using or that you know they’ll appreciate. Use a sexy whisper, or a more forceful tone – surprise your spouse with your forwardness!

* Open the door naked. A simple, yet obvious strategy that really can’t be misconstrued or go undetected (unlike more subtle moves). Your spouse will usually take it from there. *** Make sure you confirm it’s your spouse and only your spouse before you swing that door open!

* Do a sneak attack. Sneak up behind your spouse naked, when they least expect it, brushing up against them, maybe give a naughty caress or squeeze…

* Share a blanket. You might remember how intimate and sexy that was when you were dating. Your hands are free to wander and explore, all while safely hidden under the protective camouflage of the blanket. What happens under the covers stays under the covers!

* Set the stage for sexy bedroom antics. A few simple steps to create the perfect atmosphere can go a long way. Rose petals, candles, make your bedroom more than a walk-in closet.

* Get sudsy together. What better way to unwind after a long day than to share a relaxing bubble bath? Scented bubbles, candles, whatever makes you relax, share it with your spouse!

* Relive an X-rated memory. Look at your spouse and finish this sentence: “The most memorable erotic experience that I have had with you was…” Then re-enact it, even if it’s not in the same place.

* Write a steamy love letter to your spouse. With a little thought before sending, you can make your letter as steamy & sexy as you possibly can. Use hot adjectives in describing all the things you love most about your partner. Suggest a rendezvous and describe in graphic detail what will take place. Make sure you are very specific with a time and place (even your bedroom after the kids are in bed), the intention of the date, and what your spouse might expect. Spray it with their favorite perfume or cologne to give it a personal touch.

* Whisper sweet nothings. This is a lost art that should definitely be revived. If you can, come up with something sexy or shocking, that you know your spouse would like to hear. Be prepared to follow up on what you said!

* Whisper sweet nothings - in public. Tell your partner, in detail, what you want to do together when you get home. Ignore curious glances of onlookers who are wondering what you’re whispering about. Try this when you won’t be home for a while to build anticipation.

* Treat your spouse to some steamy shower action, by surprise. Slip into the shower with your spouse when they least expect it. Offer to soap them up, wash their hair, even shave if you want. Then let them reciprocate. Bonus: It saves water (possibly) so you're caring for the earth, too!

* Look, listen, & learn while your partner provides an intimate road-map. Take a half hour each to show one another how and where you want to be touched, with the other looking on to learn. Take notes (or photos), you won’t want to forget these lessons!

* Finger-paint. Open your fridge and cupboards to find a variety of colored delights just waiting to be used. Chocolate syrup, whipped cream, pudding… Draw pictures on each other.

* Bring dessert into the bedroom! Whip cream, strawberries, or.... whatever!

* Parking the car, wherever (a discreet location) and making out in the car. It’s cold out, so you can decided where this leads…

* Shop online together for something to enhance your sex life. Either a new oil, cream, mighty, silk scarfs...... talk about what you would like, would like to use, how thinking and talking about it makes you feel. Be open minded with your spouse.

* Turn the lights on. Be vulnerable, & trusting enough to let your spouse see & accept you.

* Play footsies out to dinner, moving up, & up their leg. Or go to a movie, sit in the back, & be naughty enough to make sparks.... but not so much that you’re breaking any laws.

* Practice verbally telling your partner what you'd like and then being a passive receiver. And vice versa, to learn to get comfortable allowing them to serve you in that way.

* Make love at a different time of day than usual, or a different room of the house, if possible.

* 7 Day Challenge! Commit to making love each day for 7 days, which can really stretch your creativity!  (Can’t do 7? Try 5)

* Plan a day when you have sex every week, no matter what. That way you both know it’s coming, you can anticipate it all day, send each other excited text messages, & prepare any way you'd like. It takes the excuses of (insert excuse here) not doing it away & neither party have to really initiate when you both are anticipating it.

When I posted our book resources a couple days ago, I said I'd talk about these books, below. A few friends recommended these to us so I picked them up on Amazon. Each page is an envelope that you tear out, each page is a surprise! They are also labeled for him or for her, titled (so you get a hint!), and noted regarding cost involved. They are quite scripted. If the above suggestions are steamy, the ideas in the book are probably red hot. But we have them on the table for anyone to grab from if they want.

101 Nights of Grrreat Sex: Secret Sealed Seductions for Fun-Loving Couples 
by Laura Corn

101 Nights of Grrreat Romance: Secret Sealed Seductions for Fun-Loving Couples 
also by Laura Corn

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