Monday, February 6, 2012

Mom always said....

Every time my mom's car got washed, she would say, "There is just something about a clean car that makes you feel like the car actually runs better!"

And she'd smile.

My teenage self would smile, nod, and walk away thinking, "whatever..."

Also, winter jackets? They are so much "warmer when they are clean!"

And now I'm a mom with my own house, and car, and laundry...  and this weekend I realized just a few more ways my mom was right:

The shower walls I scrubbed with the brand new shower liner - and when you use it, your body feels  even cleaner than usual!

The car I ran through the wash and suddenly that squeaking pulley sounds like a soft purr.

To continue to test this, tonight I will drive home in my clean car, shower and shave(!), and then go to sleep in a bed with... clean.sheets.

It could happen. And who knows what tomorrow will be like!

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