Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I went to my mom's house tonight. She's been gone for 11 years now but my step-dad still lives there and I still have some things there. I was really after slides from before I was born and my baby years - not many photos, mostly slides. I just bought a slide scanner and thought I could get them scanned, if I could find them, and have my dad tell me what and who they are of. I feel the opportunity to get some of that information slipping away like someone is erasing my past. A very disconcerting feeling. Cecil (step-dad) did find a box of slides and I was so excited I struggled to not cry. I clutched my prize the whole way home. I checked them out when I got home thinking I'd call my dad to tell him about this treasure. Then I looked closer at the dates on the slides... 1960 - 1965ish. I was born in 1970, parents married in 1968? I think. These were not the slides I was looking for. They are actually of Cecil's family. Major disappointment. I'll have to go back.

However, I did find a box with my Mandy and Jenny Dolls. Anyone remember them? Grace is thrilled and slept with them last night.
Check out the sweet satin roller skating outfit on the Jenny doll. And they came with patterns for sweet 70s clothes you could make for them!
A gaucho outfit, reversible vest, pinafores, little-house-on-the-prairie nightgowns, hand muffs...

So I guess I did come home with a bit of treasure. I also found a box that has both my mom's and my baby book. Did I say 'a bit'? MAJOR treasure! Included is a Marlboro hardpack with my weight and length noted on it - how my dad remembered my stats when I was born. In light of his recent lung cancer diagnosis and the media it seems like an odd addition to my personal history, but so unique!

All this has made me think of treasures, and how the treasures we have are rarely monetary. Here is my 'Kittie in the Kegs' from when I was little. Amazing that I still have all the pieces, though some have gone missing periodically - especially the kittie. This is one of my treasures.
And the treasures I have are more than items. At the university there are a few scraggly plots of land scattered around the campus. Then suddenly in August, this is what springs up:
Treasures may be your memories, they may be the beauty around you,
they are the love of family and friends,
and the free love and grace of our Saviour.
I guess I didn't come home empty handed after all.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Matthew 6:21

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