Thursday, August 20, 2009

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I have been busy! We are getting stuff ready for a garage sale at my g-mas, we've hauled a bunch of stuff from when I was a kid out of my stepdad's house and he found the slides I was looking for in this post! Yay! And I have been going through treasures & junk, sorting & remembering... There was a bag with the patterns and supplies for the fruit potholders I've shown here previously as well: Oranges, Lemons, Pear & Strawberry. There was also a little note in the bag with names and the fruit my mom was going to make for them, and my blue strawberry was on there! She probably thought I was a nut. That note is one of the treasures!

I taught a friend to crochet the dishcloths I was making and in talking about crocheting recently she mentioned that she wanted to learn to do a Granny Square. I don't know how to do one yet, but another thing I ran accross was this magazine from June of 1974 and I thought it was so fun, and funny, that I wanted to share it! I hope you like it as much as I do!

45 Great Granny Square Designs

Anyone want to wear an afgan to work? Anyone?

Crochet a Rug!

Dig the 'Blue-jean Patch Pockets'!
Grace would NEVER wear this Popover Tunic, even if I liked it and made it pink.

Aubrey - here is a placemat for you.
The headband may actually be cute. Make it with a really fine yarn and small gauge hook?

I have a student worker in my office right now (I'm technically on lunch!)
and he says this hat is hideous, not funny at all, just hideous.
I would make this just to see someone wear it out somewhere with me...
And the baby stuff is actually pretty cute.
But I wonder if this baby is alive today - with ribbons on it like that?
The child safety people would have a field day.
I bet this family also let their blind cords dangle to the floor...

Hubby's Gram made afgans like this and I really like it.
I have one that's a huge granny square that she made from scraps and I love it!
I don't mind the shawl too much either but veto the facemask.

My student worker said he'd wear this, straight-faced, and he works at Abercrombie.

Handbag? Clutch? Anyone? My personal items would fall out of the holes...
But the Cafe Curtain Streamers... you can make them as long as you want and
as many as you want to cover your window...
and I have nothing on my kitchen picture window right now!
Just kidding, hubby!

Isn't this headband just like idea # 13?
ripped off - I don't think this should count toward the 45 ideas promised...

Description says, 'a low cut sweater.' Really???
And how do you wear any support under that? And it's holey...
I'm too old to even contemplate it!
I think the right person (not me) could totally pull off this scarf and hat!

So, I hope you had fun looking at this! :o)

And if you didn't think that was funny,
Here is a picture (used w/permission) of the student worker mentioned above,
while working at Abercrombie...he says these are going like hotcakes!
OK, 3 have sold. (Sweet vest retail: $100.00)
Sorry ladies - he's taken.

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