Thursday, December 3, 2009


It's snowing, it's blowing,
the amount on the ground is growing....

The snow will help fuel our holiday mood.
The snow will reflect the Christmas lights
and the gray fall landscape will be replaced
with a beautiful clean canvas.
Yay for SNOW!!!

Grace is bugging for a Christmas tree. She's very concerned that Christmas will suddenly be here and the Wilson household will be found treeless. I think we will get one this weekend. After all, it IS snowing...


  1. I said I'd comment on your stuff, so I am now following you. Nothing profound today, just wanted to let you knwo that I am here. Regarding a lot of your stuff there is a wonderful book you should check out Jane Rubiett's Quiet Places: A woman's guide to personal retreat. Chock full of some amazing quotes and thoughts about being mindful, living in intentional stillness amidst the chaos of life.

  2. wow. I comment and then my spelling is jacked. ok trying again. It's Jane Rubietta's book and the word know should be spelled like that not knwo. wow. too much coffee.

  3. Thank you thank you! For following me, and the book recommendation. <3