Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things that make Grace scream

I will leave the office in a few minutes and was thinking about picking up Grace from preschool, walking to the van waaaayy out in the parking juggling whatever great projects she absolutely has to take home tonight, driving the loooonnnngg (BORing, Mom!) ride home (it's 9 miles!) and getting into the house, around the dog who will crowd the door, into the kitchen, getting wet boots off and jacket onto a hook... to the part where she yells about how hungry she is and demands something to eat now! But not whatever is for supper, because she doesn't want that. So I was thinking about things that will make Grace scream in the next 45 minutes or so.

1. I will urge her to hurry as I get her from preschool. She will yell that she is!
2. I will tell her that she needs to carry whatever it it that she picked to bring to school for snuggle time this morning.
3. I will tell her that if she has a project that she must bring home tonight, that must not be crushed in my bag, she must carry it as well.
4. I will say she must wear her jacket, hat & mittens because I am not carrying them either.
5. Her feet will get too tired to walk all the way to the van.
6. I will tell her that we need to hurry, Daddy is waiting for us at home!
7. Her legs will suddenly become too tired to walk all the way to the van.
8. I will tell her that we must hold hands in the street and parking lot.
9. She will clamour into the van (by myself, Mom!), sit on the seatbelt with all her stuff on her lap then complain that it takes me too long to get her buckled.
10. She will tell me that she is hungry and did I bring her a treat? No.
11. But she was GOOD! No. We will have supper when we get home...
12. What's for supper? Whatever it is, I don't like it...
13. She will attempt to unbuckle before the van hits park in the driveway, we will talk about safety...
14. She will attempt to weedle me into carrying her or all her precious stuff or her and all her precious stuff. No.
15. Yell at the dog to get out of our way.
16. Yell that she can't take her jacket & boots off. She needs help!
17. Ask what's for dinner. Inform us she doesn't like it.
18. We inform her that's is too bad and that's what we are having.
19. She asks if she can eat in the living room and watch TV while she eats. No.
20. Fight over each bite of supper, whatever it is.
21. Can she have a treat now?
22. Can she watch now?

Yes Grace, please go. Now. :O)
I'll let you know how this turns out.

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