Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's in a name?

So... this is my new blog. Ta-daaaaahh!

I have an old blog. You can see it here:

I have been having a great time lately, getting to know other moms through their blogs, and realizing their blogs were more like what I wanted my blog to be; a mix of family updates & observations, recipes, project updates, & stuff God is doing in & around me. I think I started the other one too narrowly. That's why I'm starting over.

The first obstacle to starting a blog is choosing a name. But, it must be a name that no one else is using, which is the hard part. You can find the perfect name, but someone probably signed up with that name 6 years ago, posted one thing, and now it sits idle. Never-the-less, you cannot use it.

As I sat on hold during some phone calls at my desk today I tried some random names. Here are some of the names that were unavailable:
Broken not Beaten
Now and Then
Here and Now
Drops of Love
Little Drops of Love
Drops of Grace
Mercy Reflections
Reflecting Grace
Reflections of Grace
Daily Grace
Can you hear me
Work in Progress
Moving Forward

And like I said, many of these have one or two posts, from years ago! Frustrating.
A few that weren't taken include:
Restoring Brokenness
Remade by Grace
Mirrored Grace
Part of the Reflection

I liked all of those and couldn't seem to get away from 'Grace' and not because of my 4 year old Grace, I just felt like everything I would blog about comes from the grace God showers on me. I even looked up the names of all the characters (ever!) in Dr. Suess books - Marvin K Mooney was taken. So, the address is EskimoMamma and the name is Now & Then, Here & Now and I might add This & That. All that to say, the name might change, the address won't, and I'm glad you stopped by!


  1. Ha! I remember having a hard time choosing a name too - I love the one you settled on though :)

    Welcome to the addiction that is blogging!

  2. I like your new name. My password for everything used to be GRACE because it is such a powerful word for I get that. :)

    Must add you to my bloglines now. ;)