Monday, August 1, 2011


When I was looking for American Girl patterns I ran across someone who had a pattern for making a jean skirt for your American Girl doll by cutting off the bottom of a one leg of a pair of old kid's jeans, roll the cut edge, insert elastic and - skirt! So I did one of these this weekend, too. (Dolly Outfitters)

Grace found a pair of her her jeans with a hole in the knee so we weren't out anything by cutting them up. I cut the jeans at 8 inches and used a little less than 1 inch to hem the top and add the elastic. I also looked at the jeans to see what else I could salvage and cut the little coin pocket off the jeans to transfer to the doll skirt, and the little Levi's tag. The back pockets on the jeans were so cute with embroidery and sequins, I decided to use them, too, and made a little purse. I used both pockets so it's the same on both sides and I salvaged some of the inseam to made the strap.

Grace says now she just needs a new shirt, like all the other ones she has are 'old' - she's had them for a week! I'm not ready or really interested in doing little tiny sleeves so she's probably out of luck!

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed the tutorial. There are different types of shirts you can do without messing with little sleeves. I'll be posting one of them this week.