Monday, November 21, 2011

Prophetic Arts & Crafts

I saw these beauties pinned on a website I'm not going to keep harping about (See my last two posts!), and followed them to the original post. I love them. Again, something I don't need, but compelled to make one. So Grace and I each made one.
These were fun. We drew the pattern, Grace traced her own and cut the pieces out. She added wings to hers. They are supposed to be rustic so it didn't matter that the eyes weren't exactly even, or the wings weren't perfectly cut out - the best kind of project to do with kids! And it's good for Grace to loosen up and not have something she made be too perfect.
I did all the sewing, she did all the stuffing.
She's happy with the results. I had to get up at 2:30am to go get the owl she'd kicked out of bed!
And she had to take a picture with both animals we've made together now. Evidently, when you are a two dimensional, stuffed, handmade creature, you are automatically friends with any other two dimensional, stuffed, handmade creature you meet. Good to know.
Here's mine, I love this bright, cheery seersucker fabric. I made it with a friend in mind, she wouldn't get out of my head all week. I wish I had fuzzy material for the back, but I'm pretty into using what I have or repurposing other stuff, so this guy was backed with jeans.
And there was a little message free motion quilted onto the back:
Whoooooo is loved?
Annie is!

I felt corny with this (corny) pun, but again, couldn't get it out of my head so I went with it. And the recipient assured me that that is exactly what God has been speaking into her heart over the last few days. She also said that it's like "prophetic arts and crafts!" 

I loved that! I walked into church carrying this little stuffed guy, and felt kind of silly, but pretty sure I was supposed to bring it, and it seems like that was right on. Sweet! Maybe this is why I get hooked on making something. right. now. And love giving stuff away. Maybe it's prophetic arts and crafts? Maybe.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Poor, Muppety Llama

I saw this on Pinterest (again with the Pinterest!?!) and it made me laugh. Out loud. And I do not laugh out loud at just anything...

Happy Friday! I hope you have lots to laugh about this weekend, and someone to laugh with...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jump on the Bandwagon!

(Should it be Band Wagon or Bandwagon? IDK)

Did you read this post where I talked about TARN? Because now I am seeing it all over, and people are evidently paying a lot for it. Or 'they' want people to pay a lot for it. Whichever. Check these out:

This one was at Michael's craft store, 12 loops, 4 of each color, for $7!

And this one is at the store on the university where I work. These Boho Wraps can be used for "bracelets, headbands, necklaces, belts, or ponytale holders," per the packaging. $8! For a quarter of the material above.

So jump on the bandwagon, people! Grab some tshirts, make your own tarn, and save a few bucks! What can you make?

(See Wikipedia for Bandwagon origins here.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Woodland Gnomes & Captive Thoughts

I've talked about Pinterest on this blog before. I love Pinterest, a little too much.

Some of the great things about Pinterest are how visual it is. You can scroll through pictures (what's it called when it's bigger than a thumbnail but not the whole window?) and only need to click something if you are interested, not open each link and hit 'back' because you didn't find what you wanted. Everything on it is something someone else has found 'pin worthy' so you have less junk to wade through to determine if you like something. It is like walking through a art fair with mostly things you can do yourself, but you don't have to secretly sneak a photo or mutter to a friend about how you can make that, too. (There are categories on Pinterest that do not fall into the categories I'm describing, like architecture & fashion, but I'm not so interested in those.)

I saw some cute woodland gnomes made from corks. I knew I had corks, and yarn, and suddenly had to make them. Waiting and crocheting during Grace's dance class I chatted with the other waiting mom's, and they asked what I was making. I showed them the gnomes on my iPhone, which led to a discussion about what I was making them for.

Wait, what do you mean, 'what am I making them for?!?' Obviously they are missing the obvious answer. They're cute, and I have corks and yarn.... And then I realized that I was making something for no reason, and that I can try to simply enjoy the idea that there are creative people out in the big world that can make cute, creative things, that I never have to try. Just because I can, doesn't mean I should. Duh!

So, I made some cute woodland gnomes, I don't know what I'm going to do with them, I don't think I need to make any more.

And again, I learned a few things (all this learning is hard!):
Again, because I can make something doesn't mean I should make it.
I don't always have to have a project, do I?
It's nice to make things for people (who wants some gnomes?), but not necessary.
I shouldn't start a new project when the hat I started this weekend is not done.
(Or the 17 other projects that are waiting for some attention)
It's OK to create margin, instead of stuff.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Stuff I learned

I went to a conference at our church this weekend, A Cause to Live for, a Cause to Die for. I've realized a few things, possibly not new to anyone but me. I'm writing them down anyway, so I can remember when I need them.

Miracles still happen.

We often don't recognize them.

We often don't ask for them.

We don't give credit to God when it does happen.

We are afraid that our prayers will actually be answered.

We're not always sure we want to be healed. Sometimes we are too happy to sit in our mess.

We're afraid the answered prayer will look like something other than our plan.

And then there's that book. THE Book. I've read it, at least a few times, and many books over and over, taking pride in the amount of writing and highlighting in the. And then I got busy and started using it for reference only. I'm ashamed to say how familiar I've gotten with the Book in a browser with a search window. I've even started reading books that are about things in the Book and glossing over the references. Or the facebook posts that are carefully chosen excepts of the Book. Phooey. I'm so done with that. I'd forgotten that the Book isn't just another Book, it's the Living, Breathing Instruction Manual for living. I'd forgotten that
it's medicine for my wounded being, 
and not just a reference guide to use when I need something wise to say. 

Good stuff to remember.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Some This & That

I love that our 16 year old can still be captivated by building creatures with twist-ties.
Such a strange dog.
Girl wanted a braid, NOT THIS KIND OF BRAID!#%@*!!,
so the braid came out.
I was sick Friday-now and started a baby rattle.
Not too bad for no pattern, even if the end is a little phallic.
Two more rings to go on it, the rings come off and the larger end rattles.

I think Micah would like it. 
Maybe I'd get fancier and use these cross stitch pieces for a pattern:

If I ever get ambitious. We'll see.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chili Dump

Doesn't that title sound horrible? I think it does. But we did it with our small group, and it was GOOD.

My husband got this idea from a friend at work (which is funny because I also heard this idea from a completely different friend and I dismissed it because it didn't sound good at all!). A chili dump is when you have everyone make some chili, bring it all together, mix it up, and eat it! Even when the recipes are different, even when one has corn and one has bacon and one has butter beans (my favorite!). We had four varieties, and the one Micheal made had freshly smoked tomatoes & peppers, beef, Italian sausage, bacon, Bushes baked beans, and butter beans. Smoking the veggies was INGENIOUS and made the chili smell so good!

My husband also makes salsa with smoked veggies and it. is. GOOD. But back to the chili.

The chili was mixed in the big stock pot of a turkey fryer and kept hot with the gas burner. The group members also brought chili fixings like sour cream, cheese, cilantro, smoked hot peppers for heat lovers, Fritos, cornbread, and other stuff I'm probably missing... The chili was really excellent and everyone kept saying how good it was (I think we were all surprised.) We ate it outside around a bonfire and made S'mores for dessert.

If you need an idea to feed a group, you should try a Chili Dump, I think you'll like it!