Monday, November 21, 2011

Prophetic Arts & Crafts

I saw these beauties pinned on a website I'm not going to keep harping about (See my last two posts!), and followed them to the original post. I love them. Again, something I don't need, but compelled to make one. So Grace and I each made one.
These were fun. We drew the pattern, Grace traced her own and cut the pieces out. She added wings to hers. They are supposed to be rustic so it didn't matter that the eyes weren't exactly even, or the wings weren't perfectly cut out - the best kind of project to do with kids! And it's good for Grace to loosen up and not have something she made be too perfect.
I did all the sewing, she did all the stuffing.
She's happy with the results. I had to get up at 2:30am to go get the owl she'd kicked out of bed!
And she had to take a picture with both animals we've made together now. Evidently, when you are a two dimensional, stuffed, handmade creature, you are automatically friends with any other two dimensional, stuffed, handmade creature you meet. Good to know.
Here's mine, I love this bright, cheery seersucker fabric. I made it with a friend in mind, she wouldn't get out of my head all week. I wish I had fuzzy material for the back, but I'm pretty into using what I have or repurposing other stuff, so this guy was backed with jeans.
And there was a little message free motion quilted onto the back:
Whoooooo is loved?
Annie is!

I felt corny with this (corny) pun, but again, couldn't get it out of my head so I went with it. And the recipient assured me that that is exactly what God has been speaking into her heart over the last few days. She also said that it's like "prophetic arts and crafts!" 

I loved that! I walked into church carrying this little stuffed guy, and felt kind of silly, but pretty sure I was supposed to bring it, and it seems like that was right on. Sweet! Maybe this is why I get hooked on making something. right. now. And love giving stuff away. Maybe it's prophetic arts and crafts? Maybe.


  1. I love these little owls and how God used them, you and your talents to bless your friend. what a great story! :) grace is very cute, btw. looks like a fun and cozy day.

  2. Hi, these owls are adorable! You both did a great job on them! I was wondering did you get the edges of your owl to look rounded?

  3. Hi Taylor! Thanks for stopping by. I think you mean around the edge of mine (not my daughters) where, after turning the owl right side out, I went back around on the front of the material with a straight stitch about 3/16" from the edge? It makes it look like ribbing around a pillow instead of a stuffed animal. Kind of anyway. Let me know if that's not what you mean.