Friday, September 13, 2013


Picking up my sewing machine after getting if fixed, I saw this horse:

This happy guy would walk a little, tossing his head merrily, 
and then run around his corral. 
And then do it all over again.
His obvious joy was infectious and I found myself smiling to myself.
It didn't matter that he was going in circles.
He didn't seem to mind that no one was watching him,
cheering him on.
He ran for the joy of running.

Oh how I want to be this like horse! 
Feeling the wind ruffle my short hair,
the ground under my feet,
the fresh air in my lungs.

I can do that too.
I can stop being so hard on myself 
and start pursuing JOY! 
If the point of running is to catch joy,
instead of focusing on how I can only go this far,
I will have achieved something -
something worth keeping!

So, today I'm motivated.

I also had a recent discussion with a friend
about creating and the awesome e-class I'm taking.
I told her some of my nerves about being able to accurately interpret
images from what I see to the textile art I am so passionate about.
She's crafty, should really be a designer,
and she gave me some great advice that's been rolling around my brain:
"Don't give up. Keep working on it."
But then she gave an example of something she was working on,
and how she hated it half way through, but she kept going,
completed the project, and now it's something she loves,
something she's really proud of.

I think I've been giving up too soon.
I need to keep going, keep working on it, 
trust the process,
trust that time and practice will help me improve.

I can apply that to running.
I can apply that to creating.
I can apply that to spiritual growth.
I can apply that to my marriage.
I can apply that advice.

Talk about the right words at the right time. =0)

Here are some pictures I snapped in the last day for inspiration:

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