Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday Girl

We had a birthday party at our house this weekend!
The party outfit.
If you can't quite see it, the girl on the shirt has
a cake, cupcakes, and a crown -
a perfect birthday outfit!
The pose. (The result of 3 ballet classes -
totally getting our money's worth!)
My cake.
'Now do a funny one, Mom!'
Beautiful cake made by 'That Takes the Cake'
It was dusted with iridescent goodness.
Beautiful details.
We're not sure if we really like fondant, the cake was delicious
but the texture of fondant was unexpected.
Each tier had 4 layers - yum!
A princess card that said things like,
'Today is all about you, princess!'
She loved it!
She took it to bed that night. Seriously.
Post-party, playing with some of the loot.

Happy 5th Birthday, Gracie!
We love you!

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