Monday, September 28, 2009

One Thousand Gifts

I am late to this, but check out this post from November 4, 2006, on the 'a holy experience' blog. She's on #1190. I need to have a heart of gratitude. Who doesn't? Will you do it with me?

One Thousand Gifts, Finding My Thankfulness

1. My family: hubby (we're like peas & carrots) & kids (I love you more each day)

2. A windy day. The Lord may not have been in the wind for Elijah (or the earthquake, or the fire - 1 Kings 19) but I hear His whisper in the wind. I love it.

3. A snuggle in a cozy, warm bed with an almost 5 year old in the early morning hours, soft hands touching my face, ' I love you mama' whispered.

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