Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Sneakin' Up On Us

Fall is sneakin' up on us in Northern Minnesota this year.
I saw this lovely, leaf strewn sidewalk on my way to work today.
Truly lovely - for October.
Too bad it's the beginning of September.I do love Fall, it's my favorite season.
The crisp chill in the morning air
And walking through crunchy leaves is a close second
to stomping on the thin, frozen layer of ice on puddles
(while hubby waits patiently in the car to go somewhere).

But I do love the start of a new school year.
The planning, the new schedule (YAY for schedules!),
new (cool) school clothes, new pencils and markers.
And jump drives. Seriously.
Micah's first day of high school outfit, sans Converse hightops.
He informs me that he could wear a different hat everyday
for two weeks if he wanted to.
(Note to self: stop buying hats)

Grace starts pre-K next Tuesday.
YAY for school!
Tomorrow I'll probably be excited for Fall.

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