Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Day of Pre-K!!!

Today is Grace's first day of Pre-Kindergarten!
She is so excited she was up SUPER EARLY!Here new Hello Kitty backpack filled with new school supplies
and a Hello Kitty lunchbox filled with breakfast
to eat at Auntie Amy's.
She has to be up early to leave.
This is what it looked like outside.
Excited to leave, despite the early morning.Hope the excitement lasts!

Also a couple tidbits from our trip to get school shoes:

Grace: Mom, can I get some of these (ugly silk) flowers?
Me: No
G: For my birthday? (in about two weeks)
Me: Ummm, probably not. You are not going to get absolutely everything you want for your birthday, Grace. (She's been asking for birthday stuff for at least 2 months)
G: That's OK, Mom, just tell someone else to get it for me!
(I'm sure I've explained that her love language is totally receiving gifts, right?)

And as we were driving:
Grace: Mom, it must be fall! The birds are all flocking & ready to fly south for the winter. Look, there's a whole gunk of them.
Me: What's a 'gunk'?
G: You know, a whole bunch of birds together.
Me: You mean a flock?
G: No (with great patience), a flock is what they do, a gunk is when they are all together.

Who knew?

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