Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3 This & 4 Thats

1) Grace & I picked raspberries after work/school today at a friend's house and I carried my camera the whole time. I came home with no photos. Good intentions, bad mom. Grace was so excited to go pick that by the time I picked her up from school everyone knew we were going to Mark's and they were calling it a 'Fruit Farm.' Grace probably picked 15 raspberries, 5 at a time going in her cup, then in her mouth, then she called it quits and picked flowers. Still more than the 5 strawberries she picked before quitting last month.

2) On TV right now, 'The Day After Tomorrow.' How many times have I seen this movie and why do I have to watch it every time it's on? And where did our DVD of it go? My family probably hid it on me. Al Gore would be so proud.

3) If aliens really did land on Earth, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be like any of the shows like Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, V, or Independence Day. Just sayin'. These are the things I think about. Except for the Twilight Zone episode where they finally translate this alien book at the end and it says something like 'To Cook People.' That one might be true.

4) I haven't talked to my dad in a couple days and have now realized it's too late to call - 1 or 2 hours later there. I should know how many but I'm geographically challenged. Dad- I'll call you tomorrow if you don't call me. Still praying for you!

5) There are many LOUD planes flying over tonight. They must be running drills at the air base. There are always people on the Rants & Raves' section of our local Craig's List who think these planes are secret military planes that are flying over, spraying toxic fumes. Seriously. Watch our for the gray cargo planes!!! Our Air National Guard friends assure us that these are just drills that need to occur at dusk. This is always funny at our house because when Grace hears these planes and she's in bed she hollers for her daddy to call the airport and have them stop because she's trying to sleep. She thinks her dad can stop the planes. She thinks her daddy can do anything! How sweet is that?

6) Speaking of which, tomorrow night I am leading my first small group, talking about Big D Daddy and the prodigal son. Hopefully from a little different perspective. We'll see how that goes.

7) I keep thinking about making quilted coasters for gifts. And placemats. And hotpads. There are some fun ideas out there! I don't know who I would make them for, but I think I will anyway. Check out this, and these (they stay on the bottom of your wine glass - genius!), this, and the fab colors on these! And possibly a fabric basket to put them in like this! And what a great gift (OK, or to keep!) to make a basket and then had different seasonal coasters - crazy! I think I may be drinking a lot! Lemonade, people, sometimes....

OK - that's all I have to say tonight. Thanks for reading this random list of 'stuff.'

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