Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's all about Jesus, a Rodent & a Recipe

First snow, Saturday, October 10, 2009
When Grace got up and saw the snow, she said,
"I guess Jesus must have forgotten about Halloween
because now it's Winter!"
She couldn't wait to get out and play in it
and she came in c-c-c-cold!
Sadly, I have a thing for Dairy Queen's co-co fudge (it's SO good you should try it!!!) and have been to our local DQ enough to know the owners by name. When they ordered this sweatshirt and it was smaller than they expected, they knew just who to give it to!


Last night Grace wanted me to buy her something,
I can't even remember what, and she said,
"Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with Jesus on top?"

This was only an hour or so after she burst into the bathroom and explained to me all about how Jesus created us, so we worship Him. And we praise Him, because He created us. And so we love Him, because He created us. And He created everything...
This went on for a few more sentences, but you get the idea.

Lately, it's all about Jesus. I love that.


Last week my van started making weird noises, which is always a treat. By Friday it sounded like a rainstick whenever I turned left or hit a bump. I think rainsticks are cool and have always thought it'd be nice to have one to play with just to hear that relaxing sound... but not in my van. And bits of something were flying out of the vents, too. What a treat!

On Saturday, hubby spent 4 hours taking apart the ventilation system of the van and here is what he found:
This is just one of the filters he pulled, they were both like this. And there was more.
About 1.5 pounds of birdseed packed away in the vents of the van for winter. I can't even blame the kids for this. Some rodent is going to be hungry this winter because his stockpile is gone. Hubby made a little video I will try to upload as soon as I can wrestle the iphone away from him.


Easy Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup

To a pot of boiling water (I use a dutch oven) add:
Chicken, diced (from leftovers or deli if in a hurry), about 2 C.
2 potatoes, diced into even size pieces
1-2 carrots, peel outside, then use peeler to 'peel' coins right into pot
2 pkgs. Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild Rice
1 seasoning packet from the rice (use other to taste if you want)
3 chicken bouillon cubes or chicken soup base

Simmer until everything is cooked through and broth is reduced.
It should look like this:

Then add 2 large cans of (undiluted) Cream of Chicken soup.
If it's too thick, then you can dilute with some milk or water to your liking.
Continue to heat on low until heated through.

When we have chicken I often cut up the leftover chicken as soon as dinner is done and freeze it in water in a ziplock bag. The water in the bag keeps it from getting freezer burned. Then all I have to do is add this cube of frozen chicken to the water, all the other ingredients, and I can have a thick, hearty soup on the table in 45 minutes.
Easy & delicious!
Let me know if you make it!

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