Monday, November 9, 2009

Grace-isms, Wisdom and More Thanks

Me: Tomorrow afternoon, Daddy & I both have to be at church for worship practice and your brother will watch you.
Grace: I don't like when he watches me because he doesn't like me because I don't listen to him!
Me: Then you should try to listen to him.
Grace: But it is SO HARD to listen when you aren't here to see me listen!!!

Grace: I'm so happy this brand new show is on!
Dad (sarcastically) : Good, Grace. It's all about making you happy.
Grace: No Dada. You should only want to ever make JESUS happy!!!


I had a conversation with a friend last night. She's recently started attending our church and has questions about why we 'let' people do ______ and why we dont' have rules about some kind of dress code and how we can welcome ______ (add people group of your choosing here). And there are two things that come to mind in and after this conversation, one our pastor said yesterday, one I've heard him, and others, say in the past.

1) If you read Scriptures and apply them to others, the result is anger (and I would add frustration and fanaticism). If you read Scripture and allow the Holy Spirit to help you apply it to yourself, the result is healing and a deeper relationship with God.

2) If we (Christ followers) are fishing for people, we can't expect to clean them before we catch them. The church would be empty if we did, as no one is 100% clean.

My prayer today is that my friend would focus on herself, that Jesus would become clearer and dearer to her, and that the ideas from any outside sources would pale in comparison to abundant life with Christ. And I pray the same for myself, my family, and you. God, help us to get our priorities in line with Yours.


A busy, kind of crabby weekend has left me wishing I could have another one; a weekend where the kids don't fight, the weather is nice, everyone sleeps and then sleeps in, the dishes and laundry are done, and everything lies in preparation for a new week.

39. Wisdom when I have none to offer. From unexpected places, from expected places that I can apply. Wisdom.
40. That this is a new week, during which I may renew my goal to notice the gifts around me!

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