Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guard Your Heart

After the holiday program at school, I got a picture of Grace and the boy she's 'going to marry!' Parker D. I don't think Grace was looking for a boyfriend, it seems like Parker latched on to her and she decided that was pretty good. She likes being liked, a lot.

When school resumed after the holiday break, Grace came home with a card that said, "I love you Grace," a pretty blown glass fish, and a shell ring. Which made it official: they were getting married!!!

And then Grace's friend, Ariana, let her know that she was doing her darndest to make Parker love her more than he loves Grace. We had a couple late-to-sleep nights as she awfulized over this, praying, talking, comforting...

And it was fine for a couple weeks.

Now it seems that Ariana has succeeded, Parker told Grace yesterday that he loves Ariana more. And he doesn't want to sit by her anymore... Grace cried at bedtime over the lost love of her life. And she's 6. SIX. And her heart is broken.

On the way to school she cried again, had an upset tummy, and didn't want to go to school because she was so upset. This has been a huge hit to her self esteem. And the drama! It's hard not to laugh it off, it's very serious. She's pretty sure she'll never have another boyfriend again. I don't want her to find her value and well being on whether anyone else likes her, is happy with her, whatever! I want her to hear Jesus' voice tell her that He is happy with her, always. (Note to self: Am I modeling that?)

As a parent, how do I comfort her, teach her to not give her heart away foolishly, and help her navigate the choppy waters of adolescent peer pressure and fickle relationships? Oh, daughter! My heart breaks with yours!

Above all  else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it.
~Proverbs 4.23


  1. I'll beat up Parker if that helps. Tell Gracie that she has the hearts of all sorts of older brother/uncle types, including mine.

  2. Just wait til she's 14 and in middle school and some days it feels like all you can do is stand back and think "thank god i'm not in middle school anymore." I wonder how to guard the hearts (and minds) of our young females all the time. There is a lot of crap out there that is LOUD in our girls ears. All of this obvious. I think she'll be fine though...just keep giving her the tools...

  3. Asa, You're sweet! Grace will love it! Thank you.

  4. Crys, I'm dreading it! It hasn't been bad with a boy, but a girl?!? A girl who's already asked if her tummy is too fat? And she's a slender little thing. She may have to live in a bubble... Glad your girls are older so you can help me! ♥

  5. Oh, dear little Grace. Already?? I hope her heart is healed soon, Kathy.