Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The American Girl Craze

has hit our house. Frankly, I avoided it, and then someone gave Grace a catalog. I threw it away after a while, hoping she wouldn't notice. And someone gave her another one. She carried it around, chatting about which doll she would like. And we talked about how expensive they are, and I hoped it would blow over. And then Grace came up with a plan. She drafted a letter to a relative detailing how she would gladly pitch in her money (about $2.50) if they would buy her an American Girl doll. I think she offered my change jar, too, and enclosed circled pictures from the catalog.

So we took a trip to the American Girl store at the Mall of America. What an overwhelming experience! From the two story store, hundreds of dolls, outfits and accessories available, the salon, to the restaurant where you can reserve a tea party for you and your doll, we barely knew which way to turn! Grace walked away with a mini-me and hasn't put it down since!

(On the ride home, so happy!)
(When she finally fell asleep that night)

('Sharing' breakfast)

(Micah was with, sporting new clothes)

And now I have a new project to do. The doll needs a bag to keep things together and safe. And I find myself unwilling to buy the $58 bag from AG. I found these cute backpack bags online, made by Dolly Outfitters. And a bit more searching found this modification from plum project to it that turns it into a wardrobe!

Yesterday I picked up some material, blue and peace signs like one of the bags offered at Dolly Outfitters, and I ordered the pattern for the bag. And looking at the original pattern, I'm not worried - except for the zipper, which I've never attempted before. BUT, I may have bit off more than I can chew with the modifications, and I really want to put one more swing-out section in the wardrobe part. So I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but Grace expects this to take 8 days, the random number she picked. Stay tuned for more details, and be ready to encourage me! Please!!

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