Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's muh birthday, fixed my bumper, new tail lights, it's muh birthday...

How weird is it that this song keeps going through my head?  =0)
(I just learned how to post videos like up there. ↑ )

Actually, we are buying a new air sensor thingy for my husbands car today. woo-hoo! Happy birthday! =0) The mechanic actually called to say that we could buy one part for $308 or another one for $483, which one did we want? Really? That is a crazy question! But thanks for not assuming, I guess.

Today is a milestone birthday. 4.0.

It's just a number, people. Get over it. Maybe it'll hit me tomorrow, but today just seems like a normal day, with LOTS of people wishing me happy birthday on facebook. It's nice to feel loved. Grace brought me a bagel with cream cheese on it for breakfast and I begged her to share it with me (I didn't want it), the bagel and the 12 hugs were very sweet! Micheal drove me to work since we are sharing a vehicle today so no long walk in to work. A very nice morning so far!

My birthday is a day I miss my mom more than any other. If I let it, that could easily overwhelm me.

I may spend my birthday money on cuddle duds - because our town looks like the *NEW BANNER* above (don't you love it?I love how stark & still it is!) and I want to ski ski ski! Now stop thinking of me in my long underwear.

I spent last night researching the benefits of rice hot therapy packs and I am a little too excited to make some. I started looking into them for my grandparents, but I want one for me, for the foot of my bed. See about the benefits here, and start making some for your family now! A local feed store has stove corn in 50# bags which is triple cleaned and not dusty like feed corn, for less than $10 - that's quite a few therapy bags. Everyone might be getting them. Micheal may think I'm going over board, but he hates when I put cold feet on him at night. I try to tell him that he is duty bound to warm me up:
...if two lie down together, they will keep warm.
   But how can one keep warm alone?
 ~ Ecclesiastes 4:11
It doesn't work. Soon, my darling, I will snuggle up to you with warm feet!  =0)
(Yup, he just called and asked what in the world we are going to do with 50# of corn. Lucky deer in our neighborhood will probably get the left-overs!)

Someone wrote on my facebook wall today: I hope you get everything you want today! I don't even know what I want for supper, let alone everything.

** Freedom for Life Update **

I started Freedom for Life to try and get a handle on this run-away food habit and some of the side effects of my depression, like sleeping & reading too much, burying my head and avoiding painful things... like life. It is interesting to me that God is not addressing it. At all. Yet. Instead, there seems to be an agenda that Someone made without consulting me! The lessons seem to be all about stuff that happened to me growing up, who I need to forgive, what kind of generational sin I have inherited (This is going to be a fun, uncomfortable sex talk with Micah, yay.), area's I've gone off track in response to all kinds of stimuli, coming to terms with belonging in this giant family of God...

So. not. my. agenda. at. all. But in truth (Truth?), it is all such good stuff. I can feel myself stretching & growing as I consider things I have avoided with my whole being for years and years. And I can see that God has more planned for me than I ever expected, and I am amazed at the wide chasm I see between my idea of whole and healthy and His. His idea is way more work, with different priorities than I would have planned. I definitely want His.


  1. Happy Birthday! May this be your very happiest year ever!