Monday, November 1, 2010

Me, Wealthy?!?

The Bible warns that your spiritual life is in danger if you are rich. I don't know anyone who thinks they are rich. In fact, I just heard a podcast where the speaker said the "being rich is a moving target. It's hard to tell what it means to be rich." The amount you currently make per year changes the amount you think you need to be 'rich.' And no one ever thinks they have made it. More, more, more, we all want more. Over the whole world, if you make $37,000+ per year, you are in the top 4% of the world's wealthiest. If you make over $45,000 you are in the top 1%. Wow!

A facebook friend just posted this fact: by age four... children growing up in poverty have been exposed to 12 million words; middle class children have been exposed to 30 million words; and wealthy children have been exposed to 48 million words. I know you can't hear Grace ramble on and on via this blog, but let me assure you we must be on the upper end of middle class,  possibly even wealthy!

We Wilson's are having a hard time. Our household is not as restful as I would like it. We seem to not have enough time, or money, or patience, or sleep, or .... You get the idea. But I am reminded that we are wealthy, and to be thankful for the wealth, and to share it.

172) Wealth in denominations and types other than money.

173) An extra seasonal job.

174) Time for an extra seasonal job.

175) Teenage son who says, "Thank you for giving up your 'extra' time and getting another job for us," unprompted.

176) and then teenage son vacuums, does dishes, helps with little sister and laundry without being asked or reminded.

177) Friends pray and encourage.

178) Spouses learn to hear each other, again.

179) Daughter overcomes fear of Halloween terrors and is the first to every house's doorbell.

180) Family who laughs and cares.

181) Son who earns trust.

182) Heat when it's cold out.

183) A job, even when Monday comes too early.

184) We are privileged to vote.

185) The political calls, commercials, and sign holder/wavers will discontinue, for a while.

186) Clean sheets for tired bodies.

187) Shaved legs in clean sheets, lying next to the man I love = heaven

188) A brand new day, and another one tomorrow, and another one after that, each with new things to be thankful for.

**Pictures from Halloween with family.

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