Monday, November 16, 2009

Craft Area

Grace loves to be creative. She is all about drawing and writing and cutting and gluing and coloring and stickering... She's so different from Micah. He was more about building and designing things, very tactile stuff. He would often come home from the grocery store with his pockets loaded with twist ties from the produce department. These would soon become fantastical creatures clinging to every surface in his room, but coloring books would barely receive a cursory glance. I wonder if it's a gender difference, personality difference, or a mix of both?Grace and I spent a couple hours on Saturday going through all of her craft supplies. I threw away just about every piece of paper I could get my hands on, I think she managed to rescue 4-5 or five pieces that she just couldn't part with. When asked if she wants to keep this or that, the answer is always, "Sure!" so I stopped asking. We can't keep it all and I already have a full folder of 4 year old art work. This drawer set was shoved in her closet with the table and chair set we would rarely bring out but the addition of the loft in her room gave us space to have more things like this out. The table & chair set is a hand-me-down from my grandparents and was new when my dad and aunt were little. These are much better quality and sturdier than anything we could buy today. Even I can sit on these little chairs and have a tea party!
As we tossed stuff, we also found all the things that were never to be found when needed, like scissors, glue, paintbrushes, pencil sharpener...
All the coloring books, preschool activity books, and notebook/journals found a place in these magazine holders big brother doesn' t need anymore.
Markers and crayons are in plastic shoeboxes left open in a drawer for easy organization. She can open the drawer when working on a project and everything is in easy reach, and easier to put away!
She's so pleased with her very own area to create whatever she can think of! Yesterday she made binoculars out of salvaged toilet paper tubes. I am so pleased because she seems motivated to keep things organized. I hope it lasts. Even more than that, I hope it fuels her creativity!

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