Monday, November 2, 2009

Multitude Monday, like I breath....

I need to give thanks today. It is actually not been a fabulous day so far and I feel my spirit crying out to Him, crying out to change my focus, begging me to water this dry ground. I hope you join me in giving thanks today. Please let me know if you do!

21. that stormy deep blue-gray color that no paint store can match.
22. the way the sun lights up just the tips of the trees as it rises and sets, especially in the fall when the trees are ablaze with color.
23. a local church body.
24. a world-wide church body.
25. a blog-wide church body.
26. the discipline of waiting on God. (Lord, help me wait on you!)
27. people who know me, really know me, and yet they keep coming back.
28. the story of the prodigal son
29. that the prodigal son applies to me!
30. that God hikes up His robe and runs to meet me.
31. reconnecting with old friends
32. making new friends
33. God's shalom (check here tomorrow for more on that!)
34. opportunities to serve.
35. dance music.
36. dancing.
37. family 38. the job I have. Time to go do it! Happy Monday!

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