Monday, November 16, 2009

Multitude Birthday

holy experience

It's my birthday and this day, this time of year is so often emotionally fragile. Some things that are always here, but more evident to be thankful for this time of year, mostly the people in my life:

41. Hubby makes a huge effort every year to make it special.

42. Grace who gave this hint for my birthday present, "It's a rectangle, it has lots of words and grownups really like to loot at it lots." We had to run to Target when I pointed out a book I would like to hubby, because he really hadn't gotten me a book, but Grace's mind was made up!

43. My sister-in-law always, always remembers my birthday and suprised me last night with a sweet gift including this:
You know you want some! This will attract most males, but especially my hubby whose facebook page says, "I am the Jedi Master of Bacon." It smells more maple-y than bacon-y... Even more special because for all my good intentions, I stink at remembering other people's birthdays, hers included, but she just keeps blessing me! Thanks, Deb!

44. My mom, gone 11.5 years now. On your birthday, moms are the ones who seem to celebrate it the best. (No matter how old you get, they are still happy to no longer be pregnant!)

These mean more than I can tell you without tears so I hope written words can equally express my thanks for the hugs from people I love:

45. Hubby, you still make my heart race.
46. Micah - I get one of these for my birthday, right?
47. Grace, the hugs & kisses as you snuggle me each morning, what a great way to wake up!
48. Casey, you see me and know me, even without words. Your friendship is such a blessing!
49. Tim & Nancy, I wonder if you know how I appreciate each of you?
50. Gretchen, I am SO thankful for you!
51. Gordy & Ann, I love serving you!
52. Becky, who I don't see enough of.
53. Phil, I love your sideways, camp/pastor appropriate hugs and look forward to them!
54. Kerry, if you hadn't moved away, we'd never hug when you come back. This is the only reason I'm glad we don't live near each other anymore.
55. Cousins, the big happy-to-see-you! hugs from Cory, Abby & Dan and the awkward/almost adult hugs from Brandon & Jared.
56. The hugs I see my family giving my kids.

Oh... now I feel so thankful! Here's some more:
57. Kai-Lynn who always pops up in my google chat and encourages me!
58. The people who pray at church, you help me see Jesus.
59. Pastors who preach the Word, the Eternal Truth and only the Word, no additions, no man-made rules - thank you!
60. Facebook friends, even when you aren't wishing me happy birthday! I love social networking and am so thankful to reconnect with you and see into your life!
61. Bloggers, blogging friends, blog readers. I love the opportunity to meet so many people, who have so much wisdom and share it with me/us!

Thank you!


  1. You certainly are blessed, Kathy, and a huge blessing to others. xoxo Happy Birthday!!

  2. Thanks, Steph! There are at least a couple up there I count YOU in! Thank YOU! :o)

  3. Thank you Kathy, and thank you for "making me read the blog" I love you!!