Monday, November 30, 2009

Misc. Monday

What a great long weekend!

Thanksgiving Thursday was so nice. Hubby & kids let me sleep in then the afternoon/evening was spent with my in-laws. We decided (I decided, hubby let me decide - thanks, honey!) that we would only go to one place. There is always so much pressure, in my head anyway, to go to both places because they are 25 minutes from each other, but that is SO unrelaxing, and stressful always thinking about when you need to leave to get to the next place... so I decided to only go one place, the place that stresses me out the least, and it was wonderful, with family and good food. Thankful Thanksgiving!
On Friday I made a triple batch of Poor Man's Salisbury Steak, we ate one and two batches went in the freezer. 2 for the freezer - yay!
Minnesota comfort food. Mmmmm!
(Or yummy things to do with Cream of Mushroom soup)
Check out the recipe here!

My mom used to make 'porcupines' and I'd love the recipe! They are meatballs (beef, not porcupine) with rice in them.I think the rice was uncooked, and then she'd make a milk gravy.
The only recipes I can find for it are in a tomato gravy/sauce.
Do you have a recipe for it?


Grace received a belated birthday gift including paper dolls/fairies/mermaids.
She loves them. Can you tell?
Some of my weekend/Christmas projects.

Cut up 8+ pair of jeans & matching flannel.
Spray/baste together for machine quilting.
Machine quilting with jean thread...
Not perfect... I need to get some rubber tipped gloves to get a better grip...
This stack will eventually be the thing I am not talking too much about, but am prayerfully assembling this for someone who may or may not even read this.

This is material grace picked out and I can post it here because she doesn't read! It will be a raggy quilt with an 'Around the World' pattern. I think I will machine quilt each square with a heart or star and I am going to find fun buttons to put on the front of the quilt, too. She keeps asking when it will be done and I keep saying that I don't know. But she'll open it on Christmas morning. I hope she likes it. All the blankets she likes to use either leaver her shoulders or toes uncovered.

I'll post Multitude of Monday later! Have a great Monday!

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