Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Various Things Swirling...

around my mind today.

1) Here's Micah at the Costume Ball at the Duluth Vineyard Church. He wasn't going to dress up but at the last minute we came up with this. He's... Bubble Man.... Mr. Bubble... boy looking for bubble bath... or something. Shower cap: 99 cents. Cheap costume. Love that.

Some kind of dance?
I even chaperoned, and it was fun!
But Micah didn't want me to dance by him. I don't know why.

2. I really love PomplamooseMusic. You can find it on YouTube here. Some of my favorites are September, Beat the Horse, & Single Ladies. Nataly & Jack are amazing and every sound you hear in the song you will see either of them play in the video. Layers & layers of sound. It's fabulous. Grace likes it too and will dance around the kitchen with me. Micah asks me to turn it down.

3. Hubby made sauerkraut, homemade. Grace 'helped'. I didn't - actually, I took a nap.

In 4-6 weeks we should have a half crock of kraut! Yummers!

4. A facebook friend posted some art from The Pondering Pool which is written, illustrated & designed my Susan Mrosek - she's brilliant! It's interesting art and design, but more than that, I LOVE her words! Head over & check it out!
I found the clarity bucket
propped against God's will,
cupped my hands,
and scooped all I could.

It felt familiar...
~Susan Mrosek
5. The other night a friend was asking for prayer for wisdom in her parenting so she wouldn't 'crush the spirit' of her son. I wanted to stand up and shout, "YES! Gimme some of that!" I'm very interested in how you parent a high spirited (strong willed) child - PLEASE TELL ME! This morning was a screaming disaster because I wanted to get her hair wet when I combed it as she'd gone to bed with wet hair. For some reason this results in a screaming fit. And then something must be chosen to go to school with her and also something brought for breakfast, MORE screaming. And then LOUDER when the 'wrong' jacket was thrust upon her, the right jacket for the season, just the wrong jacket for her mood. All this interspersed with tongue-sticking-out and fake spitting. Seriously - who is this child and who left her at our house? So... my real question is (for both our 5 year old AND our 14 year old), how do you discipline without squashing their spirit. I know I learned to keep unhappiness and emotions inside where they were 'safe' but turns out that's unhealthy and years later I'm still healing from that. I'm not against spanking, but would never beat the behaviors out of them. Most of this screaming was directed at me so the day didn't start the best... Advice? How can someone this cute cause so much frustration?

6. I've shared this blog before, but she has so many great ideas... Check out this post at a holy experience, and this earlier one. These posts are about how they read the Word together, as a family, everyday, at every meal. Could I do this, even if we only have dinner together, and only most days? What would that look like? And why do I hesitate? Shouldn't we make time for the important stuff like this? Why do I fell like that would just be too corny to even attempt when it's the desire of my heart to share in this great adventure with my family & model healthy habits to our kids?

What do you think?

7. Lastly, ABC has remade 'V' and it started last night! Do you remember this from when you were younger? I do and I was really excited to see it. It's a series and they sure showed a lot of the previous plot in the pilot episode. Which either means they have new, exciting story lines to share with us, or the series will be short lived. I hope it's the new, exciting story line option. My Hubby is prepared to be disappointed as he was looking for something to replace BSG.

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