Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not much happening

Not much to write about today, which is a good thing! I thought I'd do some quick housekeeping ('blog-keeping'?) and put up a few photos from recently. Here is hubby throwing boiling water into the air on a frigid Minnesota Saturday. Fun experiment! It really does turn to steam.
Micah did one, too, and the steam burned his hand. We are great parents. He's OK.
Grace playing Micah's Guitar Hero drums down in the basement. Her feet can't reach the bass and she really doesn't have rhythm, but if it keeps her happy...
A friend at work gave me a link to plant seeds outside in the winter. Hubby & Grace picked seeds; sunflowers, pansies and stuff to make salsa!
Making a face about onions. Yuck! She promised to try everything they grow.
The results! We're saving more milk cartons to do more! Here's the link to see how to do it. Since we did this, NO SUN! Not sure how it'll go with out the greenhouse effect...
More results...
Love the boots (Raining Cats & Dogs...), hate the old mustard color/weird henna print floor. She's outgrowing the boots. Bummer. I've outgrown the floor...
What Micah did while the planting party was going on.
Finally, my lunch yesterday. Mmmm, Thai buffet. Jasmin iced tea. Something else really good over rice where you thought you were getting a potato and it was a chunk of apple, then you'd think, 'here comes another apple' - surprise! Potato. Good stuff! Lunch with work friends.

Oh - I do have something to share! I thought this was a brilliant idea, maybe you've all had it before. I'm always behind on correspondence, of the paper variety, and while trying to catch up with my 85 year old aunt it occurred to me to print some of my blog posts! Then she gets the news, and bonus pictures of the kids, and I don't have to rewrite it! I still wrote a personal note in a card, though. (She always wants to know 'who puts that stuff out there [on the internet] anyway???' I do!) See? Brilliant! Everyone must have people who don't use technology but would like to see your blog, right?
One last pic of Grace eating cereal, and mostly watching Saturday morning cartoons, at a little card table & chairs that were my aunt's or maybe my dad's in the 50s. I love the table & chairs, her expression, the hand on her hip, and her little crossed legs.


  1. ok ok ive been creeping around reading your blog for awhile now... but this pic of grace is just toooo cute i had to comment! i cant believe shes all grown up! love the recipes too... gonna try the lasagna one!

  2. Hey Kathy!!
    I had a TON of responses on Freecycle for the plastic milk jugs, you could get a ton I bet, because I had to turn down a bunch....i wish I had read your blog first!!!! If I have any left over this weekend, I'll send them your way!

  3. FYI - my aunt loved getting the print-outs of the blog! She called last night. Success!